Fun Facts: Fabergé eggs,Capitol Lighting is Bursting with Spring Colors Articles any one of the thousands of jeweled eggs made by the House of Fabergé from 1885 through 1917, are prized items associated with luxury and opulence. These eggs are made of precious metals, enamel and gem stones; each one contains a surprise gift encapsulated within.* *

Although you may never hold a Faberge black pendant lights egg, you can bring out the hidden treasures in your home by decorating with color. Glam up the Easter egg hunt and boost Easter spirit with ingenuity offered by the lighting professionals at Capitol Lighting.

Try a few simple changes to add color and renewal to home decor:

Replace outdated ceiling light fixtures with stylish, colorful hanging pendants.
Invest in crystal table lamps and fixtures to bring the energy and refraction of full-spectrum color.
Highlight the holiday centerpiece with a properly proportioned dining room chandelier.
Show off texture, depth, and the unique features in your outdoor areas with strategically placed outdoor lighting and decorative fixtures.

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”…layer your lighting.

Layering your lighting will establish balance and create lighting options for multiple tasks and activities. A lighting layer is defined as a specific type of illumination uniquely directed to a specific function. A good lighting plan will incorporate a creative mixture of lighting techniques to provide general, task and accent illumination.

Capitol Lighting’s expert advice for the dining room:

For general lighting, chandeliers and ceiling light fixtures should be proportioned to both the table and the room; typically a fixture with a diameter of 24”-30” will be suitable for most dining areas. The diameter should not be larger than the width of the table, less 12”, or people may bump into it upon rising from the table.
Illumination should make people, table settings, food and prized possessions look their best. Accent lighting should enhance the color and texture of food and the complexions and apparel of diners. Lighting over the table must be kept well within the perimeter of the table. Do not place downlights over the chairs as the beams from above will cast unpleasant shadows on people’s faces and cause uncomfortable glare.
When the chandelier has no central downlight, the table setting and centerpiece may be enhanced with accent lighting provided by recessed adjustable fixtures with narrow to medium beam spreads, spaced and angled to avoid casting shadows. Reflections from glass-top tables, however, must be considered when placing and adjusting fixtures.
For task lighting, provide plentiful shadow-free lighting at sideboards, carving and serving areas with ceiling light fixtures or wall lights.
Use lighting controls to adjust illumination levels for each activity, from elegant dining to clean-up. Use one dimmer for over-table lighting, and use separate channels to control lighting in other areas.

Layering your lighting may sound complicated, but the process can be very simple and inexpensive with advance planning and guidance. Contact a Capitol Lighting professional for help in customizing a lighting plan to suit your specific needs.

Feast upon spectacular holiday savings and promotional items to dress up your home with color and light.

For the most divine Easter celebration, Capitol Lighting is featuring unique designs from Elk Lighting, including:

The “Refraction” collection, contemporary-modern chrome bath vanity lights, mini-pendants, wall sconces and chandeliers available in a choice of captivating colored glass options.
The “Villa” collection, blown glass-Murano chandeliers featuring a weathered rust finish and an array of the latest glass colors-amber, cherry, cobalt, or purple.
The “Fusion” collection, flush fixtures and pendants in an ornamental satin nickel finish enhanced with elegant copper, gold, molten, silver or white glass.
The “Renaissance” collection, pendants, flush fixtures, table lamps and wall sconces featuring a sunset silver finish and brilliant crystal.
The “Burlington Junction” collection, traditionally elegant outdoor flush mounts, wall lights and post lamps in a hazelnut bronze finish with amber scavo glass.

Are you ready to celebrate Easter by decorating with spring colors? Capitol Lighting is where you will find the most brilliant home lighting, from crystal table lamps to ceiling light fixtures, to help you luxuriate in the holiday.

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