1. Clean as you cook

One of the easiest ways to keep the kitchen clean is by cleaning as you go. Do not leave utensils unwashed in the dishwasher as that might increase your workload and also cause the kitchen to stink. While you boil the veggies on the cooktop,10 tips tricks sparkling clean kitchen Articles run a round of dishwasher and wipe the damp areas. This saves time and is a quick way of getting things done. Assign petty tasks like arranging the platform to kids and hubby and have it your way.

2. Stack up the right tools

Having the right set of tools is very important. You cannot depend upon housekeeping guys every time to help you with clogged sinks. Store the essentials kitchen tools in a drawer so that they can be used when necessary.

3. Countertops are most prone to oily sediments

Countertops are subjected to detailed process of cooking and chopping. They accumulate the huge amount of waste, lateral and oil. Make sure to wipe them after every cooking session once a week a professional clean up. A hygienic countertop also keeps away worms and pests.

4. Timely pest control

Pests are a threat. Trust me- the sight of cockroaches crawling on your countertop can be disgusting. Call the pests control team every 3 months to keep the area safe and hygienic. Keep the corners clean and dry to avoid any v=breeding area for insects.

5. Empty the dishwasher every night

A very basic suggestion but a very useful one. Mornings are hectic and you would not want to waste time on cleaning the dishes and searching for the saucepan. Before you go to sleep, make it a habit to empty the dishwasher and clean the sink. It is such a relief to enter in a tidy kitchen every morning.

6. De-clutter countertop

One of the most invigorating sights is to see a cluttered countertop with stuff messed up over it. Use wall racks, storage cabinets and jars to arrange the stuff properly and store them. A tidy countertop is a paradise for a cook. Don’t you agree?

7. The sink should not stink!

Smelly and stinky sink is big NO-NO! The best way to ensure a sparkling clean sink is to clean the dishes regularly and not leave dishes unwashed for slab of marble hours. Use a scrub and wipe it smoothly after every rinse. The sink is prone to germs and insects so extra care should be taken.

8. Use a trash container separately for recycled waste

Use separate trash containers for recyclable and other trash. This will avoid spilling of trash in the area and making it unkempt. Dispose the trash regularly and clean that area with phenyl to maintain hygiene.

9. Wipe the fridge regularly

The refrigerator is an important part of the kitchen space and could not be ignored. We are in a rush while storing food containers in the refrigerator and often spill the food items. Avoid storing rotten products that are a cause of bacterial infections.

10. Glass top is the BOSS!

Glass top sustains the maximum damage due to cooking and usage of the utensils. Make it a point to clean it professionally every month to avoid accumulation of permanent stains. A clean top is king of any kitchen!

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